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About Us

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About Us

From its headquarters in Dhaka, One Freight Express has long been a leader in the freight industry and related services. One Freight Express is widely recognized as a trustworthy and professional logistics partner among our global business partners due to our comprehensive freight and logistics services and facilities.

One Freight Express has strong and skilled teams that are able to provide extensive coverage and a complete infrastructure. Our organization is fully able and committed to providing the highest quality service to our associates. We are confident in our ability to be your logistics partner by customizing our exceptional services to your organization’s requirements, based on our extensive experience and knowledge.

The operations team at One Freight Express uses a supply chain management system to maintain track of all shipments from the time they are picked up by the carrier until the time they are delivered to their final destination.

The sales team at One Freight Express is among the best in the business, and they have managed to sign some of the world’s most prestigious companies as clients.
One Freight Express is an authorized customs broker and a member of BAFFA, the “Bangladesh Freight Forwarders Association.”

In order for One Freight Express to provide its customers with a full range of logistical services, it has established solid relationships with trustworthy companies in other countries.

One Freight Express carefully selects its international agents and correspondences to ensure the highest quality service & the most competitive rates for Air & Sea, hence retaining a larger number of multinational corporations as clients.

Assets of One Freight Express are our employees, and our aim is to establish the bar for excellence in global logistics through a total dedication to quality in our employees and customer service, with superior financial performance.




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